Many pet shop brands are less effective and less convenient to administer so we recommend using a veterinary prescribed wormer such as Milbemax as your routine worm treatment.

Dogs - We recommend that puppies are wormed monthly until 6 months of age and then every 3 months from then onwards. Lungworm (carried by slugs and snails) - we recommend Advocate. This can be used monthly, or twice per year as we are not in a high risk area.

Cats - Your vet will frequently prescribe your initial Milbemax cat worming tablets. Once your cat starts to go out they will need worming every 3 months from then onwards. If your cat remains a housecat then worming once or twice a year is sufficient.

Please Note

These factsheets are provided as guidelines only. If you are at all concerned about the wellbeing of your pet then please call Hope Veterinary Surgery immediately by using our phone number 01782 657788.

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