Tick Fact File

Tick Fact File

Ticks are the vampires of the parasite world!

They hide in the undergrowth of our countryside and parkland and when they sense an animal pass by, they hop on board to feed on its blood. (They are partial to human blood too!)

Tick saliva contains an anaesthetic so your pet will not feel them bite and neither will you.

TICKS ARE A HEALTH RISK! They spead diseases such as.

Lyme Disease: In dogs it can cause lameness, fever, loss of appetite, tiredness, swollen joints and sometimes kidney failure.

Babesiosis: A microscopic parasite carried by ticks that invades the red blood cells. In dogs it can cause high temperature, increased breathing rate, muscle tremors, anaemia, jaundice and weight loss.

CHECK YOUR PET FOR TICKS REGULARLY. If you find a tick do not burn, cut or pull the tick off. If you do this it is very easy to leave the ticks mouthparts behind and this will cause problems.

If you want to remove the tick yourself use a 'tick hook' (available for purchase from us or your local pet store) and follow the instructions for use carefully. Wear gloves.

If you would prefer us to remove the ticks please call us and ask for an appointment with one of our nurses.


PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE: ask us about the wide range of tick and flea products available for your pet.


Hope Vets are currently taking part in The Big Tick Project. Backed by naturalist Chris Packham as seen on BBC TV.

Taking part in the survey will allow a greater understanding of the abundance and distribution of ticks feeding on dogs in the UK and the prevalence of tick borne diseases to be assessed,









Please Note

These factsheets are provided as guidelines only. If you are at all concerned about the wellbeing of your pet then please call Hope Veterinary Surgery immediately by using our phone number 01782 657788.

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