Beware For Your Rabbit in Summer

Beware For Your Rabbit in Summer

Fly Strike in Rabbits


Fly strike can be a devastating condition for rabbits. Flies are attracted to damp fur soiled with urine and faeces on the rabbit and begin to lay eggs. These eggs hatch within hours into maggots which feed on the rabbits flesh and being to grow rapidly. Rabbits can literally be ‘eaten alive’.


  • Flies around hutch, especially in summer
  • Lethargic rabbit Rabbit eating and pooing less
  • Diarrhoea
  • Wounds on the rabbit
  • Maggots on rabbit


  • Check your rabbit twice a day, especially around the bottom
  • Clean soiled area in kennel daily
  • Disinfect at least once a week
  • Treat any underlying conditions such as dental problems or diarrhoea
  • Use a veterinary preventative treatment

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